Eradicating extreme poverty doesn’t have to be a dream

On February 26th, Bono spoke at TED to show the progress in the fight against extreme poverty… And what we need to do next. Bono shares the new facts about fighting global poverty: “Forget the rock opera, forget the bombast, my usual tricks. The only thing singing today will be the facts.”

By becoming a “factivist,” we can learn what needs to be done to end extreme poverty within the next generation. And the facts are beyond promising. Since 2000:

Eight million AIDS patients have been receiving retroviral drugs

Malaria deaths have been cut by 75% in some countries

Child mortality rate of kids under 5 is down by 2.65 million deaths a year

Extreme poverty declined from 43% in 1990 to 33% in 2000 to 21% by 2010

Extreme poverty has been cut in half in the last 20 years, and the facts show that we can get it to virtually zero within a generation — but only if we act.

Lets think about that, he says. Have you read anything, anywhere in the last week that is as remotely as important as that number? Its great news, and it drives me nuts most people dont know this.

If you live on less than $1.25 a day, this is not just data. This is everything. If youre a parent who wants the best for your kids, and I am, this rapid transition is a route out of despair and into hope.

“We are going to win because we don’t understand politics. We are going to win because we don’t play their dirty games. We are going to win because we don’t have a party political agenda. We are going to win because the tears that come from our eyes actually come from our hearts. We are going to win because we have dreams, and we’re willing to stand up for those dreams.” Wael Ghonim

Chastening words for those of us involved in the world of politics.

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