PRESS RELEASE: Launch of 20’s Plenty for Bettws Campaign

A 20s Plenty for Us Press Release 01/10/2012

Activists for 20 mph speed limits for residential roads have launched a Bettws campaign. Limits have 20 mph signs not road humps. Slower speeds bring 22% fewer casualties and major quality of life improvements for all.

Gareth Harris contacted 20s Plenty for Us in August with concerns about inappropriately high speeds in Bettws. He had heard of a family friend who had sent an 11 year just around the corner to the local shop and did not return. She had been knocked down and seriously injured by a driver claiming they were not doing over 30mph. He has witnessed too many near misses too. He became aware of the strength of feeling about the issue when campaigning around Bettws as a Green Party candidate in the May and August elections.

20mph limits for all residential roads, in a community, (Total 20) is a single change that makes a huge difference. 2 years after 94% of Portsmouths roads went 20 mph there were 22% fewer casualties, including 23% fewer injured drivers and 50% fewer injured elderly drivers. 20 mph is seven times safer than 30 mph as thinking times increase and stopping distances reduce. This means that collisions are either avoided or or the crash impact is less.

20 mph limits are good for the environment and save drivers and society money. 20 mph pilot schemes in Warrington were estimated to give an 800% rate of return from casualties avoided. A smoother driving style with less braking and acceleration means that 12% less fuel is used. 20 mph reduces pollution and climate change gas emissions. Plus, some car trips transfer to walking, cycling or public transport; further cutting congestion. People moving under their own power create massive savings to society from more active lifestyles. Parents are freed from some time consuming escort trips and children gain independent skills.

Imposing the limits cost around £2 per person or £1,400 per km when done area-wide as a Total 20 scheme. Some roads can be exempted where merited. Over 8 million people live in places like Oxford, Bristol, Islington, Newcastle, Warrington and Lancashire who are committed to 20 mph residential limits. Local politicians decide local road speeds. 20s Plenty for Bettws aims to convince our decision makers that 20 mph limits make sense and are popular in Bettws. We have started a petition and collected 120 signatures in the first few days.

Anna Semlyen, Campaign Manager for 20s Plenty for Us said :-
I am delighted to help 20s Plenty for Bettws launch. They join over 160 grass roots campaigns around the country all saying 20s Plenty where people live. Please get in touch to find out more, join for free or to help.

Contact 20s Plenty for Bettws via bettws or speak to the Bettws Campaign manager, Andy Chyba, on 078 1066 3241.

See the campaign website: .

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  1. gold account

    Tommy Kenny, aged 10, from Borehamwood was killed in 2007 while crossing the road. See the video directed by his friend Sidney Draper on his life and their campaign website for 20 mph speed limits on residential roads.



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