GREAT NEWS STORY No.1 BBC coverage: South Wales media coverage: (Should be in South Wales Echo and/or Western Mail tomorrow – 03/11/11) QUOTE: (I received a call from the SWE journalist this morning asking for my reaction to the BBC story. I have been slightly misquoted, but not to a point of making […]

Major step forward in campaign against fracking

I have just returned from a tremendously successful evening participating in the Vale of Glamorgan’s Scrutiny Committee Meeting on fracking. Representations were made by: Coastal Oil & Gas Ltd Environment Agency Welsh Water Prof Cartwright, Cardiff University Cowbridge Residents Group CPRW Denis Campbell – UK Progressive Magazine Me and Louise Evans for ‘The Vale Says […]

More anti-fracking protest groups springing up across the country – says the BBC

There will be more and more protest groups springing up wherever the frackers dare to tread. I am hoping our links with The Co-operative will give us a central rallying point for all these local groups, to feed into a national groundswell of opposition that will eventually force this reckless government into declaring the nationwide […]

Fracking issue increasingly distorted by misinformation – on both sides of the argument

Fracking must be halted until we know more So what if 200tr cubic feet of shale gas lives under Blackpool. The industry, and the impact of fracking, are unknown quantities This is a pretty reasonable article from Caroline, but the comments posted on it by Guardian readers are real mixed bag – with a […]

Caroline Lucas’ EDM re Fracking

Early day motion 2159 HYDRAULIC FRACTURING (FRACKING) Session: 2010-12 Date tabled: 08.09.2011 Primary sponsor: Lucas, Caroline Sponsors: Edwards, Jonathan Hancock, Mike Jackson, Glenda Lloyd, Tony Meacher, Michael That this House believes a moratorium should be placed on onshore and offshore exploration, development and production of coal bed methane, shale oil and shale gas by withdrawing […]

My position on the Fracking motions at Conference this coming weekend

Looking at the final agenda for this Autumn’s Conference, starting on 9th September, you will find three fracking related motions C03, C04 and C05  (members only site)The first (C03) is a composite motion submitted by SOC (Conference Standing Orders Committee), which seeks to combine the other two to supposedly save Conference time. The second […]

Is an EU ban on fracking around the corner?

FURTHER VINDICATION OF OUR STANCE AND CAMPAIGNING ON FRACKING We started in a muddy field near Llangeinor in January. A mere7 months later, we have the first indications that the EU may consider banning it. Extract taken from: In a study requested by the European Parliament’s Committee on Environment, Public Health and Food Safety, […]

Fracking Hell? What will shale gas mean for the UK? Listen to the sound recording of this meeting Caroline Lucas – from 3:10 to 10:30 Kevin Anderson – from 14:50 to 33:30 Michael Meacher – from 33:40 to 52:40 Phil Mitchell – from 52:50 to 63:20 Andy Chyba – from 63:25 to 67:55 N.B. Gareth Harris is in the bottom right corner. Caroline Lucas left soon after speaking. Alternative source:

“Fracking Hell? What will shale gas mean for the UK?” London Meeting – review

Andy and Gareth represented South Wales at this high profile event in Central London. Andy got to address the gathering after the four advertised speakers: 1. CAROLINE LUCAS MP – Caroline gave a brief synopsis of the main issues, acknowledging the greater expertise of others present. She re-stated the Party position of calling for an […]