Wales Greens call for ‘war on fuel poverty’

Wales Green Party has reacted to news that 25% of Welsh households are struggling to heat their homes by calling for a war on fuel poverty’. 

Jake Griffiths, Leader of Wales Green Party and who is fighting to become Wales’ first Green AM in May’s election said:

“It was reported today that fuel poverty is causing ill-health in children and the first hand stories collected by the Children in Wales organisation are truly alarming. The fact that a quarter of children in Wales are suffering is a national disgrace and unacceptable. Sadly the number of people being affected by fuel poverty is going to increase as fuel prices and unemployment continue to rise. Public transport costs are increasing for both bus and train services and the number of services is decreasing which again is going to affect the poorest most, particularly those living in rural areas.”

“The Green Party has been campaigning for two years for free insulation for all homes that need it. The Assembly Government has set up a few energy efficiency projects but we now need serious investment to ensure no one has to live in a freezing home. Simply focusing on the cost of oil and gas, as some other parties have been doing misses the point as we all know prices will only go up from now on. We need to deal with the cause of fuel poverty – cold houses, not just increasing fuel costs.”

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