POINTS OF VIEW submission

(Published in the Gazette on 20/01/11)Dear Glamorgan Gazette, 

You can tell that there are elections coming up – the undignified scramble for votes has begun. First we had Carwyn Jones suggesting disgruntled Lib Dems should ‘come home to Labour’. Then we have Tim Thomas pecking at the perceived corpse of the Lib Dems on behalf of Plaid Cymru. For Plaid to slam the Lib Dems for having the courage to enter into a coalition government is utterly disingenuous as Plaid Cymru support proportional representation (as indeed I do), which would make coalition government the norm rather than the exception.

The whole point of proportional representation is to get people voting for what they do actually want, rather than voting tactically to try and manipulate results to avoid what they really do not want (as is too common with FPTP and will remain the case with AV). As the forthcoming Welsh Assembly elections are on a reasonably proportional ‘additional member’ system, then true democrats should be encouraging people to vote for what they really want in terms of policy – pure and simple.

I challenge Carwyn Jones and Tim Thomas, and every reader who wants to really understand who they should be voting for on the basis of policy, to take the quiz on this site:
http://www.whoshouldyouvotefor.com/wales.php . Then the 20 to 25% who find that they should actually be voting for the Green Party (as revealed by the similar ‘Vote for Policies’ website, that unfortunately excludes regional parties like PC and the SNP) can get themselves down to the Bridgend Green Party’s meeting tonight (Thursday 20th January) at the Haywain Function Room, 7.30pm. If this is too short notice, they meet there on the third Thursday of each month (so Feb. 17 next). Let us change the way we do politics in Bridgend. Positivity rather than negativity. Cooperation for the common good instead of obstructive adversarial politics. I know what I want – and I will be voting for just that.

Bridgend Green Party

P.S. The old adage about lies, damned lies and statistics is reflected in correspondence about the size of the VAT increase. It went up from 17.5% to 20% which means we are actually paying 14.3% more VAT than we were before the increase, if I am not mistaken (not 20% more or 2.5% more as suggested by your correspondents). This is nonetheless a regressive, inflationary, ideological choice promoted only by true blue Tories – the choice of a mere 36% of the voters last year (the same percentage that Madeleine Moon won the Bridgend seat with would you believe).

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